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 Air Assist 


A Revolutionary Device for Colonoscopy

  • Designed to allow for simple manual control of air leakage during endoscopy procedures

  • Helps provide efficient procedures

  • Easily positioned and controlled


  • Air/CO2 escape and maintaining colonic distension during colonoscopy are common problems. 

  • Often the colon collapses at inopportune times while performing diagnostic and therapeutic maneuvers. 

  • Air/CO2 escape can lead to repeat or prolonged procedures, increasing patient risk and overall costs. 

  • Currently, there are no efficient effective methods to prevent gas escape and maintain colonic distension. 

  • Recent studies show that maintain adequate colon distension is a key factor in good quality colonoscopy improving Adenoma Detection Rates(ADR). 

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  • 2 most common methods of manual buttock pressure and patient repositioning are often ineffective, physically demanding and require endo/anesthesia staff to take focus away from important tasks.   

  • Increased risk of staff injury and patient aspiration with left lateral to supine positioning.  

  • Other methods, such as left colon water instillation, are impractical, messy and require some technical skill. 

  • All current methods are inappropriate and ineffective in procedures performed through stomas.

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The Air Assist is an easy to use, one piece, disposable, self-lubricating medical grade silicon device that slides up and down the colonoscope effectively creating a reversible seal between the colonoscope and the anus/stoma thereby reducing air escape. It can be maneuvered solely by the endoscopist or with the effortless help from a technician, allowing for immediate reversible on-demand colonic distention, leading to improved visibility during diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy.   

Air Assist Technical Specs


The Air Assist was designed from the ground up as a sealing device specifically for this application. 

80 mm X 25 mm

Length and Handle

FDA Clearance Pending

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Compatible with Scopes Sized:

9.5 mm to 12.9 mm

Medical Grade Silicone


(ISO 10993 Testing)

Single Use

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